I have got a long 14 hour shift tomorrow but I’m so hyper I can’t sleep.

1. I just played in the futsal final and we won the championship. That’s another trophy to my mantelpiece!

2. I told my team coach I’m training to be goalkeeper. When he realized how serious I was, he was very encouraging and that is a very positive sign.

3. I found a goalkeeping academy that conducts group coaching sessions and I’m ecstatic. I’m looking forward to trainings and I realize the huge change in my attitude. Instead of being anxious on the ball, I now think I can do this! And that! And all these!

4. I finally completed my emergency medicine rotation and boy am I glad I’m done with it. I’m pretty surprised at how much I did not enjoy it.

5. I’m actually looking forward to my rural medicine rotation.

Now I really need to coax myself to bed!



I didn’t have much time to practice my piano last two weeks. Only managed to scrimp through some time this morning. In about 10 minutes I’m going for my piano lesson. I think i just copped myself another lecture. Sigh.

In one of my phases

I’m in one of those excitable enthusiastic phases (again). This time goalkeeping training. I have found a goalkeeping school that trains in groups, which is a bonus to my own coaching. Dropped them an email so I’m eagerly waiting for their reply.

Also sent an email to a football club (football that uses hands) and inquired about joining their training sessions to improve my goalkeeping skills.

Guy is a little worried that I am overloading myself. I think he’s still not accustomed to my mad always-on-the-buzz lifestyle. 🙂

Late night shifts

I kind of like my late night emergency department shifts. I get to sleep in and wake with the glorious sunshine streaming through the blinds. Enjoy a leisurely read of the news with a steaming mug of coffee. Walk the dogs in broad daylight (as oppose to the frigid lonely nights). Go for my training sessions under the sun instead of artificial stadium lights. Lunch with friends. Rock up to work. And back home when the roads are clear. The only drawback is that team sports are out of the question since trainings usually only ever take place in the evening. But one cannot be too greedy.

Lunch with Guy

Drove over to Guy’s workplace across the city to have lunch with him during his break. God we live and work so far from each other, it takes massive commitment on both of our parts just to meet up. And I just got my schedule for my rural medicine rotation and i am on call every second weekend. We are really working hard for our relationship. I can only say that this must be a good thing in the long run…

Pub food! Steak for me, calamari for him.



Buddy strapping is not very hygienic

Sprained my finger at goalie training yesterday. I don’t think it’s broken but it is certainly very sore and swollen. Tried to get a finger splint in the hospital but they were either too large or too cumbersome. So I went for buddy taping my fingers. The problem was o could not maintain hand hygiene after each patient. How do u wash one’s hands with alcohol wash or under the tap? And the first patient I saw had gastroenteritis. After she attempted to hand me her specimen bottle of stool (very disgusting but not as bad as the sputum culture that was handed over to me during the weekend and I had to STRUGGLE not to retch), and I realized I could not glove up, I tore away the tape and just dealt with the pain. Oh well.


Monday nights

Basketball social today was fun. I really wanna get better at defending. Goalie training for soccer tomorrow. Looking forward to it though I didn’t do any of the exercises my coach prescribed…because of the severe weather and my crazy work schedule. (I can’t be kicking and thumping the soccer ball against my backyard wall late at night, can I??)

On a sweet note, the cufflinks and shirts that I had ordered from Hawes & Curtis have finally arrived! They are beautiful. I was startled to realize that with formal clothes, you really pay for what you get. Same cutting, style and colour but fork out $30 more and the quality makes the shirt’s finish considerably smarter. Wow. Guess who found themselves a new loyal customer? Heh.

Anyhow, gonna hit some keys on the piano before I really doze off on this dreadfully comfy couch of mine.