First night of rural medicine

Dropped the dogs off at the boarding kennel earlier this afternoon. Kel is an experienced dog with this arrangement. It is Fle’s first time. She was completely distracted by the various smells and so ignored me when I left. Kel on the other hand stood at the door and stared at me. I waved goodbye to her. It is only on hindsight when I replayed the scene in my head, did I feel my heart wrench. Or maybe it’s because I miss them already.

I have been allocated a house to share with three other interns. So far so good. The only downside is that three of us will have to share one bathroom. I opted to wake the earliest to use the bathroom because I did not want to be rushing if the previous occupant took a long time. Plus I hate stepping on wet mats or risk running out of hot bathing water.

Dropped by a boxing gym today but it was closed. Apparently they do boxing classes at 6am which sounds good to me. I saw an ad that was selling a punching bag and a speed bag together with the structure for a mere $100. I may get it. Would help in strengthening my fingers for Goalkeeping work.

Anyway first night in a foreign bed. I got a decent sized room and best of all floor to ceiling windows. I like waking to sunlight streaming through my windows. I am thinking about my dogs about my new rotation, about the city. I like that this is a new experience and wondering what tomorrow holds. I like staying for short stints in small country towns. I’m already thinking about Friday when I will be taking the dogs back to the city over the weekend.

I am rather excited by my new environment.


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