Trip planning

Did some unexpected planning for my upcoming Guatemala trip. I am hoping to do some white water rafting when I am over there as well as some mountain biking and of course scaling a few of their volcanoes.

Anyway I realized I did not have any hiking shoes and a few other bits and pieces required for trekking. After having a spontaneous lunch with a friend, we were exploring a street that we have not been to in ages when we came across an outdoor shop.

One thing led to another and I emerged from the store $154 poorer and a few items more trek friendly. I got a pair of boots at half the usual price, a money holster bag to wear under my clothes, a dry bag (which I bought it earlier; could have taken it to white water rafting with me a few days ago then I would have at least a photo or two to remember the trip by! More about rafting later) and some bloody insect repellent that the sales person sweet talked me not getting.

Know a trick to get Spud to buy something she doesn’t need? Just sweet talk me and be exceedingly polite. I will feel bad for saying no so I take the easy way out by parting with my cash so I can go on my way. Sigh. I will not do well with bargaining when I am over in Guatemala.


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