Indoor soccer and its frustration

Played indoor soccer today. The team is made up of mostly doctors, all more senior than me.

We lost, our first game of the season. I know we will lose; our opponents were impressive and this league to them must be some sort of complement to their training as they all belong to a competitive swim squad. But we lost by a very shameful score 13-0 and it’s all our damn fault.

One of our players hogged the ball. Actually, make that two. Which effectively sums up all the male players on the pitch. I’m not an expert in indoor soccer but I have been playing futsal long enough to be aware that dribbling and fanciful footwork do not go well in small enclosed spaces. To win indoor games, one-two passes get you way ahead.

We yelled and we called out yet each tine he refused to pass the ball. And each time our opponents took the ball off him and scored.

It came to the point when I stopped caring and stopped calling for the ball. It became more like a fitness run for me rather than a proper game to build my experience and skills. It came to the point when even our opponents chided our players and told them to pass the ball to us when he saw us shout ourselves hoarse. That was pitiful.

I walked off the pitch feeling incredibly aggravated. Worse one of the male players insinuated that the female players should pass the ball more often?? And he lamented that more male players were not allowed on the pitch. I bit my tongue to hold the sharp retort burning in my throat. These guys are talking trash in a mixed league. If they had been in a proper men’s league, they would have been slaughtered and ridiculed.

I can only thank the lord that I could not play in the next subsequent games due to work commitments.

I do not like participating in recreational activities that add to my stress instead of the other way around.


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