I have got a long 14 hour shift tomorrow but I’m so hyper I can’t sleep.

1. I just played in the futsal final and we won the championship. That’s another trophy to my mantelpiece!

2. I told my team coach I’m training to be goalkeeper. When he realized how serious I was, he was very encouraging and that is a very positive sign.

3. I found a goalkeeping academy that conducts group coaching sessions and I’m ecstatic. I’m looking forward to trainings and I realize the huge change in my attitude. Instead of being anxious on the ball, I now think I can do this! And that! And all these!

4. I finally completed my emergency medicine rotation and boy am I glad I’m done with it. I’m pretty surprised at how much I did not enjoy it.

5. I’m actually looking forward to my rural medicine rotation.

Now I really need to coax myself to bed!


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