Studio shot

Went to a carnival today with Guy. The massive carnival that’s held every year. Been in the Workland for 7 years and never gone for the carnival. Glad we did! It was so festive, almost like we were overseas…in Disneyland.

Guy bought loads of showbags. I didn’t get any just because candies aren’t my kind of thing, plus I’m picky about the flavours. However I did buy a rather discreet humble brown paper showbag (not all glittery and loud like the others). It was a pet photography session for my dogs, at a 75% discount!

I had a photography session with Kel over a year ago. Although the photos turned out pretty well, there were other kind of photos I had in mind but because the photographer was not too experienced, he didn’t direct the shoot so the end result was a little disappointing.

Anyhow with the new puppy Fle, it is time to take new portraits. Guy will also be in it so it’s all gonna be different.

I’m excited. Hopefully the photo shoot will be able to take place in the next two weeks. I will be off to the country to practice some rural medicine in a couple of weeks and I really want the new photos up on my walls before Christmas.




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