Runaway train

My annual leave is round the corner, and i have decided i NEED to draw up a plan of what i am going to do. The past few months, my life has not been my own. Long hours at work, countless overtime and the mad dash for soccer training after work took its toll. I neglected absolutely every other aspect of my life – the poor dogs, the house cleaning, my languages and yadda yadda yadda.

Now life has taken a slight break or maybe i am in such a burnt out state, i no longer give a shit. (Actually it helps when the twin suckers of my precious time have been extinguished – i have completed my surgical rotations, and it is now off season for soccer!).

So plans i want achieved in my 2 weeks of leave:

1. Whitewater rafting – ticket booked, now i just need to confirm the date.

2. Compilation of my photos from my Japan trip in (gasp!) December 2011.

3. Organize my upcoming Guatemala trip in January 2012.

4. Order a few photo books that i have created over the past year.

5. Intensive language lessons maybe?

6. Intensive goalkeeping training sessions maybe?

7. REST!

8. READ!


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