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First night of rural medicine

Dropped the dogs off at the boarding kennel earlier this afternoon. Kel is an experienced dog with this arrangement. It is Fle’s first time. She was completely distracted by the various smells and so ignored me when I left. Kel on the other hand stood at the door and stared at me. I waved goodbye to her. It is only on hindsight when I replayed the scene in my head, did I feel my heart wrench. Or maybe it’s because I miss them already.

I have been allocated a house to share with three other interns. So far so good. The only downside is that three of us will have to share one bathroom. I opted to wake the earliest to use the bathroom because I did not want to be rushing if the previous occupant took a long time. Plus I hate stepping on wet mats or risk running out of hot bathing water.

Dropped by a boxing gym today but it was closed. Apparently they do boxing classes at 6am which sounds good to me. I saw an ad that was selling a punching bag and a speed bag together with the structure for a mere $100. I may get it. Would help in strengthening my fingers for Goalkeeping work.

Anyway first night in a foreign bed. I got a decent sized room and best of all floor to ceiling windows. I like waking to sunlight streaming through my windows. I am thinking about my dogs about my new rotation, about the city. I like that this is a new experience and wondering what tomorrow holds. I like staying for short stints in small country towns. I’m already thinking about Friday when I will be taking the dogs back to the city over the weekend.

I am rather excited by my new environment.


Trip planning

Did some unexpected planning for my upcoming Guatemala trip. I am hoping to do some white water rafting when I am over there as well as some mountain biking and of course scaling a few of their volcanoes.

Anyway I realized I did not have any hiking shoes and a few other bits and pieces required for trekking. After having a spontaneous lunch with a friend, we were exploring a street that we have not been to in ages when we came across an outdoor shop.

One thing led to another and I emerged from the store $154 poorer and a few items more trek friendly. I got a pair of boots at half the usual price, a money holster bag to wear under my clothes, a dry bag (which I bought it earlier; could have taken it to white water rafting with me a few days ago then I would have at least a photo or two to remember the trip by! More about rafting later) and some bloody insect repellent that the sales person sweet talked me not getting.

Know a trick to get Spud to buy something she doesn’t need? Just sweet talk me and be exceedingly polite. I will feel bad for saying no so I take the easy way out by parting with my cash so I can go on my way. Sigh. I will not do well with bargaining when I am over in Guatemala.

Indoor soccer and its frustration

Played indoor soccer today. The team is made up of mostly doctors, all more senior than me.

We lost, our first game of the season. I know we will lose; our opponents were impressive and this league to them must be some sort of complement to their training as they all belong to a competitive swim squad. But we lost by a very shameful score 13-0 and it’s all our damn fault.

One of our players hogged the ball. Actually, make that two. Which effectively sums up all the male players on the pitch. I’m not an expert in indoor soccer but I have been playing futsal long enough to be aware that dribbling and fanciful footwork do not go well in small enclosed spaces. To win indoor games, one-two passes get you way ahead.

We yelled and we called out yet each tine he refused to pass the ball. And each time our opponents took the ball off him and scored.

It came to the point when I stopped caring and stopped calling for the ball. It became more like a fitness run for me rather than a proper game to build my experience and skills. It came to the point when even our opponents chided our players and told them to pass the ball to us when he saw us shout ourselves hoarse. That was pitiful.

I walked off the pitch feeling incredibly aggravated. Worse one of the male players insinuated that the female players should pass the ball more often?? And he lamented that more male players were not allowed on the pitch. I bit my tongue to hold the sharp retort burning in my throat. These guys are talking trash in a mixed league. If they had been in a proper men’s league, they would have been slaughtered and ridiculed.

I can only thank the lord that I could not play in the next subsequent games due to work commitments.

I do not like participating in recreational activities that add to my stress instead of the other way around.


Oh my goodness. Am I just a little hung over or what?? All I had was one can of Jim Beam spread over a few hours!

Was contacted by the goalkeeping academy and they recommended someone from one of the premier league teams to coach me. I was just a bit awestruck even though I had no idea who this lad is or better yet, I actually support their rivals.

I told Guy and he was excited. If this lad is good (I have sone reservations about coaches and teachers. Being younger than me; just does not feel quite right), Guy may join me in training. I’m more excited about that. We see each other so infrequently that I reckon we should at least do something together on a regular basis. And Guy’s training to be a keeper too. I’m secretly hoping that he will play for an outdoor soccer team next year; that will be rather cool.

The big clean out

To celebrate my annual leave, I stocked up on my alcohol beverages in the fridge. The last time I bought a whisky was 3 years ago and even then, my Wild Turkey is still half full!

I bought Jim Bean and of course, stout and cider for my favorite half and half. I was putting my alcohol away when I realized with great dismay that there was not enough space in my fridge. I tell you, with time on my hands, I did not think twice of cleaning the fridge out at 10.30 in the night.

And boy, was I disgusted. Three shelves full of rotting food and none of them mine! Empty egg carton, half opened tuna cans, small tubs of yoghurt some expired in 2009 (!!), moldy bread (??) and even a bloody muffin rolling around in the back of the fridge. It was revolting. And none of them mine. Argh. There was no way in hell I was going to stock my alcohol besides fertile bacteria breeding grounds. So I cleared the shelves, bagged the shit up in three bags and because I could not stand these foul rubbish in my house, I had to chuck them out into the large trash can outside my house. Then I cleaned the shelves with baby wipes. Before I was willing to line my alcohol up.


Anyway, I just rented the final season of Lost and season 3 and 4 of Heroes. Settling on the couch with a Jim Beam, the dogs and my blanket. Cheers to life. 🙂


I have got a long 14 hour shift tomorrow but I’m so hyper I can’t sleep.

1. I just played in the futsal final and we won the championship. That’s another trophy to my mantelpiece!

2. I told my team coach I’m training to be goalkeeper. When he realized how serious I was, he was very encouraging and that is a very positive sign.

3. I found a goalkeeping academy that conducts group coaching sessions and I’m ecstatic. I’m looking forward to trainings and I realize the huge change in my attitude. Instead of being anxious on the ball, I now think I can do this! And that! And all these!

4. I finally completed my emergency medicine rotation and boy am I glad I’m done with it. I’m pretty surprised at how much I did not enjoy it.

5. I’m actually looking forward to my rural medicine rotation.

Now I really need to coax myself to bed!


I didn’t have much time to practice my piano last two weeks. Only managed to scrimp through some time this morning. In about 10 minutes I’m going for my piano lesson. I think i just copped myself another lecture. Sigh.