Breakfast with the dog

Due to unforeseen circumstances this morning, I suddenly found myself with enough time to have breakfast at the cafe with my dog when initially I thought I would have to go hungry.

I decided to try out this tiny store/cafe that I always passed en route to soccer training.

The food was simple but expensive and not particularly fantastic, but I really like the layout of the cafe with its 1940s feel to it. They even had a box of blankets at the doorway for patrons who brought dogs with them to dine.

The boss also came out to give sone biscuits to my dig though u have to admit I was slightly embarrassed that the dog was so fussy but secretly proud that she did gobble anything that was given to her by complete strangers.

It is a nice quaint place to hang out on lazy afternoons. I miss the days in medical school where I would breakfast at cafes with my dog, I reading my magazine and she being entertained as the world goes past.





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