Brunch escapades

I have decided that I enjoy brunch and I love having brunch with friends. I think I may make it a point to brunch at featured cafes just to get top notch coffee and a big breakfast.

A thing about the cafe we went to today – it is on a bustling bohemian street, very happening and lively. Inevitable the talk about moving to a new address crops up. The Housemate and I have been talking about moving to a younger location (less family oriented, more trendy and bohemian and where yuppies tend to hang out) for years now but never quite dare bite the bullet. Maybe next year will be a good year.

Plus the area we went for brunch today was where we initially viewed a house to rent. Since I’m considering applying to work in a city hospital, it may be a good time to move yet. Plus all my recreational activities are centered in that area – it will cut my traveling time.






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