It was clear both of us were missing our brunch days. We racked up a bill of $71 just for brunch – 2 breakfasts of eggs, sausages and mushrooms and a chicken and avocado salad between us with a berry crumble, a brownie and cups of cappuccinos to top it off.

The boss must have been pretty surprised and probably delighted to have customers like us. We certainly didn’t look like we could match our voracious appetites.

It was good, I really enjoyed myself. This weekend is one of the best weekends I have had in ages, where my body clock would let me sleep in till 10am (though I did rouse at 5am but falling back to sleep was easy), where I had the time and no pressure to just settle into my couch with a paperback and when I had the luxury to spend time working with my dogs.

I had to constantly remind myself not to think of my impending 15 hour shift tomorrow as it was just going to ruin today. I hope tomorrow passes by quickly. It is not that I do not enjoy my line of work; I do, but there is a limit to my physical and mental endurance.






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