Best days of my life have been reduced to this…

Thursday I had one of the best days of my life this year. Granted I was supposed to only work a 4 hour shift but ended up doing a 9 hour one, but I’m not complaining because I came hone when it was still light, when the sun was still shining merrily.

Coming home under the cover of darkness is an expected occurrence for me that I think I’m certainly more vit d deficient than all of the patients under my charge.

Before heading home I made a detour and got myself a massive KFC meal. I had a salt craving and it’s ages since I last pigged out – not because I am dieting but because of the severe lack of time.

Then I got home, and the dogs were just staring at me in amazement. How do I know that? Because usually they will be sitting at the gate anticipating my arrival. But this time they were in the middle of playing, and they froze and looked at me in absolute disbelief. See, dogs like cows are creatures of great habits. When even my dogs are stunned at my early return, I know things have really deteriorated in my life.

I grabbed my camper chair and table and dragged in out into the backyard, choosing the spot with the most sunlight. Didn’t matter to me that it was scorching. It was just a relief. Gave the puppy some food, dished out the chicken for myself, and then just settled into my chair enjoying the fatty meal in the glorious sunshine.

If one of my neighbors had peered into my backyard then, they would have been incredulous and probably regarded me as a lunatic. I didn’t care. I was so happy – just sitting out in the sun, enjoying my meal and the dogs sprawled around me.

It’s the little things that count in life yet they are the ones that are discounted and the ones that ate so difficult to come by. I felt really sad.

I have been feeling really sad the past week. Some stuff happened that really put things into perspective for me. Made me realized that the sacrifices I thought I would be able to make were not to be. I understand now that although my work is important to me, it cannot be everything. What is at hone matters more.


Anyway I’m not gonna waste today by brooding. It’s a fabulous day; I managed to sleep in, I’m halfway through a fantastic novel (vanished by Chris Niles – a book out of print but one I managed to buy brand new from an online store in the UK), I will be taking the dogs for their classes and catching up with a close friend in a quaint little cafe along the beach (again something I haven’t been able to do since I graduated).

Tomorrow I work a 15 hour shift.


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