Life is very tough at the moment. I get crapped on by the registrars and the nurses. The registrars and nurses get crapped on by the consultants so the shit trickles down the line and we get bombed from all sides. Us junior doctors are floundering listlessly and helplessly.

All I want to do is focus, bury my head and work hard and try my best to maintain my cool and be the bigger person. What they want to do is constant “discussions” with the senior doctors. I doubt it will work; no one gives a shit about our plight and really why should they? Only we can save ourselves.

Why can’t we just be gracious human beings?


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  1. Hey, it happens back home as well, think of it as a rite of passage. It’ll be over at some point.. and then you can be nice to your juniors and change the system from within. Hang in there!

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