I started my surgical rotation. I have to say it is pretty pathetic that I don’t even have time to read the daily papers.

We are so busy it is almost insane. I have not enough sleep – it’s not possible to sleep earlier because I’m not even back from work yet. What the hell right?

I am seriously considering a career in surgery, but just on my first day on the surgical wards, I was questioning the wisdom in my decision. One of the surgeons did not head home for three days! The other junior doctors are also struggling to keep awake on the drives to the hospital.

Now I wonder if it’s kinder on my future family and a greater difference I can make if I pursue a career in medical administration instead. This system really needs to be revamped or one of us doctors will break eventually. And the wider community will probably not hear about it because we are such a close knitted and protective group.

That’s tragic.


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