Not sure what’s with me, but i have been so preoccupied with DOGS that i have been neglecting everything else and it is starting to really annoy the hell out of me because it is creating an obsession.

I have not been able to properly practice my flute – actually the other thing is i am now not really keen on taking the Grade 1 exam. I am not quite sure what it will prove, but it certainly is creating a lot unnecessary stress for me at the moment. Plus i am supposed to find a pianist because 2 of the exam pieces require accompaniment. This is just too much effort. For now, i am just putting off thinking about it…because i am thinking about DOGS. Wtf.

Been trying to commit new language vocabulary into my head but i ultimately always get distracted with the internet – with checking the kind of dogs people are putting on sale and those that require good homes. I hear no word from the rescue organization that i emailed last week, and with each passing dog, my desire to foster a dog lessens, and the determination to get a SECOND dog increases. I am not very sure when this all started. All i recall was an innocent click of a dog advertisement, and this brick wall came tumbling down.

In fact i have been pondering about this decision for the last two weeks – actually i have been thinking about getting a second dog ever since my dog graduated from the obedience club, but the debates comparing the pros and cons of getting a second dog have intensified over the past two weeks. So much so, i have already discussed with the Housemate and even my mum. I pretty much narrowed down the kind of dog i wanted and the Housemate and i had a look and we came to a decision on the breed. I emailed the breeder two hours ago. I found the name i would like to call the dog an hour ago. O_o

Dear Lord. I really need this obsession to end because i really WANT to start reading some medical stuff and practicing and revising the assortment of music and language lessons i am doing.

On another note, i had the best soccer training on Tuesday ever. We capped off our intense training with several sprints and i am pretty pleased with myself because i did quite well. Also the coaches have been discussing the players’ positions – i hope i get to play in midfield.


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