Wow…third post in a row

Somehow over the weekend i managed to arranged my schedule such that i had most of the day to myself. I spent them sleeping in, lazing in bed, waking up and then back onto the couch with the dog to read my novel. I even managed to start and complete reading a novel (Equinox by Michael White) over the weekend! I rarely have such days to myself and i don’t complain about it. Having a day or two to myself is a fantabulous luxury but i have realized i end up spending a lot of time on the internet, searching for activities to further fill up my days. I have also been doing a lot of self-psychoanalysis lately, and i wonder if such behaviour (of constantly needing to fill up my days) is healthy…

Anyway i jumped onto Book Depository and ordered a few more books, mostly Spanish children books. I have been reading El niño con el pijama de rayas and it has been time-consuming as the level is a little too advanced and not suitable for me at the moment. It takes about one lesson to get through the page – mostly grammer since i can easily look up the meanings on my dictionary. But the main problem is that it is using Spanish that people do not usually use in speech. Therefore it is not very helpful at the moment. Hence i bought a couple of children’s books, hopefully i bought the right ones this time. (For those interested, i bought El blog de Daniel, No preguntes por Mozart and Roca Roja). Also bought the latest new books in the Sookie Stackhouse series (Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family), and the first book of The Hunger Games! I am excited.

All right, time to do some Japanese revision, read the papers, feed the pooch and then head off to bed. Basketball social tomorrow (oops, did i forget to mention? Yup, i joined the club for a weekly session!)


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