I find it remarkable how animals can bring out the softer sides in people, no matter how testosterone-laden they appear to be. One of my language teachers recently bought a kitten. He is the masculine sort – the type that scorn at kids and scoff at effeminate males; the alpha male that keeps himself in tiptop condition (but not like one of those disproportionate bodybuilders) and refrains from expressing his emotions too outwardly. With the new arrival of the kitten, i was amused but not surprised at the change in his behaviour. He coos at the kitten, kisses the kitten, and very tenderly greets the kitten when it wakes up after a fitful snooze. Unbelievable. It was nice to observe how animals with their pure innocence and lack of pretense, bring out the gentleness in people.

On that note, i have also applied to be a foster carer for rescued dogs. I have submitted an application, just in the middle of being processed and vetted to see if i am suitable to be one. I have been thinking of getting a second dog for some time but my previous experience really scared me. I am so damn afraid of getting a dog that is the complete opposite of my current one – it makes training and daily work a living nightmare. But i have never ruled that possibility out, even informing the landlord of my intentions. I guess that’s where i am quite fortunate to have a supportive landlord (*touchwood!* lest i just jinxed myself) and to have been able to find a property with a massive backyard with proper secure fencing.

I was doing some research around and some calculations of my finances – it was highly probably i will end up adopting a dog from a shelter just because it was a more altruistic thing to do. Anyhow i was browsing through many websites when i realized that foster carers are in demand. A message from one such organization particularly resonated with me – foster caring is like having a dog without the long-term commitment and i will be doing good ultimately. The catalyst was probably the lack of patients in the hospital currently. I have been caring for TWO patients the past two weeks and just bored out of my damn mind. I don’t know how that happened but apparently we are an efficient team. I did not even have discharge summaries to complete! Along the same line, i also impulsively signed my dog up for agility classes. She used to attend classes but ever since she passed her basic obedience, i could not be stuffed making the long drive to the club for intermediate obedience lessons. I did not see the point of enrolling the dog for intermediate lessons anyway. But i re-discovered the club (i don’t know how i could have forgotten!) near my old house where i used to take the dog for her puppy classes. They have agility classes. So there we go.

There are also more activities i have planned including a trip to a canine country club (clearly such establishments are smart enough to capitalize on owners like myself ) for the dog to roam in the lagoon, sheep herding clinics and finally a solo road and photography trip for next week, something that i did not have the time to do since 2 years ago. I am quite enjoying this at the moment, and am excited at the prospect of being a foster carer. But if that falls through, that will be fine too as i have resolved to play a bigger part in volunteering in animal welfare, but in ways different from the times i used to volunteer at the dog pound. I will blog about it when i am doing the work, otherwise it it is just empty words.

Oh, and martial arts? Since i have stopped BJJ because i cannot resolve the hair issue, i have found another discipline to consider (again something that i have considered after Judo and before BJJ but somehow seemed to have forgotten, gosh these memory lapses!). (Hint: Iaido or Jodo).


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