Life at a leisurely pace

Today is one of my day offs and i have been having a delicious time spending it away.

I finally had time to just sit down and do some work for my Spanish and Japanese, and practice the piano. Will have to practice the flute soon too. Then i took a nap on the couch with the dog when i felt like it, and only woke when i was refreshed. That’s just fantastic.

I am going to play some basketball later with a social club that i had discovered late last year but which did not have an opening at the right time for newcomers. If i like it, there is a very high chance i will join the club. I will be reducing my martial arts session consequently. I still enjoy BJJ but my long hair is getting in the way. I know this sounds like a silly reason, but it is not, to me anyhow. I have tried all sorts of way to keep my hair out of the way, but it is pointless if i am grappling on the ground. My hair comes loose and it gets in the way. I have had quite a few strands tugged out of my head. Other than cutting it short, or donning a swimming cap (which is not socially acceptable), it is just not possible to have a good training session.

The other girls have the same problem but the difference is they stop the bout whenever it comes loose. This becomes quite disruptive and i don’t usually do that because both my opponent and i will lose momentum and it is difficult to learn. The other thing was i got kicked in the nose by this newcomer. He is a guy and he was nervous, and i think he grew more concerned because i was a girl and way smaller than him. He was frantic and desperate and really i did not have to do much to keep him on the bottom. Except i was not quick enough for all his excessive movements, and i coped a kick in the face. I sighed inwardly and wondered if i had broken my nose or earned myself a septal haematoma. It was then i realized how bad it would have looked if i had to turn up for work with a bandage across my nose. Although i was satisfied with that particular training match – he surrendered halfway through the bout because he grew so exhausted and breathless from all his excessive movements trying to flip me on my back, i suddenly saw that i had to be a little more careful with BJJ.

Anyway i am not going to quit BJJ because i still love the grappling, but i am going to scale down my training to once a week – enough to content me and keep my muscles in check, and with a lower possibility of injury.


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