Taken for granted

I can understand why people working in customer service can be a little jaded. Some customers are just too pompous for their own good.

When it comes to the medical profession, call me old-school or traditional, but i still expect a certain level of respect from my patients. So when i encounter patients who take me for granted, i get a little taken aback and just a tad appalled.

Some general rules in hospital –

One, you do not demand that your relative should remain in hospital even though he or she is completely stable and fine, just because you have a family function or some other dates with your friends. We are a hospital, and therefore we take care of sick patients. This is for your own good and ours. By staying in hospital longer, you are susceptible to hospital-acquired infections, which trust me, is more dangerous and damaging than the ones you get out there in the community. And by hogging a damn bed, you are depriving someone who is way sicker than you, from receiving much-needed medical treatment, and that is incredibly selfish.

Two, we are not your nanny. We will not keep your relative in hospital just so we can keep them out of mischief. We are not here to ensure your dad or mum does not eat too much chocolate. There are nursing homes for such patients. Do your homework and your paperwork. Do not expect us to do it for you – we are not your personal assistants.

Three, like i mention before, we are not secretaries for your private use. We will not coordinate appointments between you and your other doctors. That is just plain madness.

Four, we are doctors, not Gods. Do not expect us to provide a magical elixir for your sick relative. We have stethoscopes, not wands.

Five, if we say your relative is sick, you should really take us seriously. Do not expect them to one day be the same person that you keep expecting they will be. You are wasting precious time.

Please show some respect. We are polite, and so should you.

People like that spurs me on to practice developing medicine, where patients really need help and are more appreciative as compared to the richer societies – where people clog their own arteries, have poor self-control, and use their doctors for their own shortcomings. Morons.


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  1. TOTALLY agree! -Whole heartedly-
    It takes two hands to clap.
    Frankly… its not going to be easy to ever achieve that right balance…simply because humans seriously have too high an opinion of themselves… inflated ego… the “i am PAYING for your service thus i am always right” then again there are those who make it all worthwhile.
    Life… …

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