I have been back in the Homeland for three days now, and it has not been too good. I have not met up with any of my friends. I have not had a fever in the last decade, but since coming home, i have been feeling feverish and have been popping Panadol like candy, and i hate medicine. Sheesh.

Anyway, i was trying to coordinate my schedule to meet up with various childhood friends when i realized how incredibly short my stay in the Homeland is. When i was booking my trips, eight days sounded like a terribly long time. But now, when i look at my planner and note that i have to fly back to the Workland on Monday, i am utterly squeezed for time.

Also since i am feeling feverish,  i am just not sure how i can last through the busy days ahead – meeting friends, attending a family New Year’s Eve reunion party, a photo excursion with a good friend on Saturday, wakeboarding on Sunday, flight home on Monday, and a ten hour drive on Tuesday to pick up the dog (whom i sorely missed). (Everytime i see a dog in Japan, i would always smile to the owner and asked in broken Japanese if i could stroke their dog. Then i would whip out my handphone and show them a picture of my dog. It make for good conversation and good interaction. Then in my Homestay, i reckoned i spend more time talking to their cat, then to the Homestay people.)

Anyhow, despite me feeling so crappy, i am looking forward to hanging out with my high school friends. We only meet up once a year, it is a bit mad. Also i am slowly going through all the photos i have taken on my Japan trip. Will probably post the interesting ones up as i organize them.

Lastly, last night i bought $200 worth of Chinese martial arts dramas! I am so happy. There was a massive sale going on – dramas that usually go for $50 easy were cut to $13-$24. Clearly it was a bargain to hard to miss. I will be shipping stuff back to the Workland since i clearly will exceed my baggage limit. Oh, did i mention? I had to ship 8kg of Japanese books back to the Workland from Japan, because they would not fit into my bag. I bought so many books, i am so happy! Shipping stuff seems to be a routine thing for me now!


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