I went snowboarding yesterday, my first. P tried skiing. We were clearly ahead of ourselves – we thought we could do the basics in a day. We were obviously too optimistic. I extended my one-to-one lesson and basically spent the two hours crawling and skittering on my arse. Some of the other people in our lodge are staying at least one week.


I look like a kid! Argh, wrong angle.

Anyway, this morning, it is snowing massive snow flakes, everyone has headed up to the mountains in excitement. Probably easier and more fun to learn snowboarding today.

I am a little sad at the moment. I can’t join them on the mountains because we have to catch the bus into Tokyo. Really had a lot of fun with the instructors, especially when we were all around the same age and had a good chat after.

Really want to extend my ski stay for a bit but it will be a little unfair for P (who i think did not enjoy the experience as much as i did – she’s aching a lot today) and for the family in Tokyo whom we are staying with for a week.

Oh well, good things have to end. I should just remember the fun and look forward to more in the future.


More next year!

Am already starting to think and plan that perhaps i should get more lessons up in the mountains in Workland next year, and maybe come back to Japan in a few years’ time, this time snowboarding and not snow-butting!


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