I am in Takayama at the moment and the beef in this region is apparently very famous. The only way i can tell the difference is try it in the steak form, so we visited the only steak restaurant in town – French cuisine.

The price was exorbitantly high – 7700yen for the highest grade steak (the Tobi steak) but i thought what the hell, might as well go for the full experience since i am already here in Japan. Nowhere else would i be able to have the same opportunity.


Tobi steak using the highest grade of Hida beef.

It was the fattiest steak i ever tasted – i was at my wits’ end. But it went really smoothly with the dab of mustard. When i finally reached the central portion, i understood what the fuss for Hida beef was all about. It was tender, succulent and strangely sweet. It was the best steak i ever had. So yes, there is truth behind the reputation of Hida Beef. But i think i am ruined for life now – ever steak i eat from this point on will forever be compared with the Hida beef steak i had in Takayama and i believe i will be in for a lot alot of disappointment!

A very satisfying meal.

I have also updated my Travel blog on Day 4 of my trip. Click here for more photos and a more in depth account of my trip so far.


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