P and i went to the supermarket the day before and i was just blown away at the beer section. The variety of Asahi beer available was just incredible.


Asahi beers

There’s sugar-free Asahi beer?! Unbelievable. I bought two different types that i have never seen outside of Japan, one to swig on each night.


Comes in different sizes too!

It even comes in a cute small sized can, as if to drink on the go. How fascinating! I wanted to get that too but P stopped me. She’s not a drinker and i guess we may end up having to lug the cans of beers on the train if we can’t consume them fast enough.


Kirin beer

Supermarkets in Japan are treasure troves full of incredible food. Gosh, it has been a food adventure even since i touched down. I am loving it!


Vegetable section

Fruits section

A startled Japanese customer who later apologized for stepping into my picture even though it was not her fault.

Fresh sashimi

A bewildering range of instant noodles.

Evidence of freshness.

Fresh seafood.



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