The flight was pretty turbulent, not sure why. I was not afraid but it was a bit tedious trying to eat.

Coffee all over the place.

We got off the plane in Nagoya and went in search for the train station to get us to our budget hotel. Very quickly i realized how little English most Japanese speak although they were exceedingly polite. And when it was pretty evident that they do not comprehend us, they were too embarrassed to make eye contact and usually gave us the easiest answers – yes yes yes. I felt really bad that i was putting them in a spot; really felt i was pretty aggressive even around the guys. Gosh. I bought a travel adapter and had the sales person demonstrate how to use it (required some fixing). The poor bloke was shaking because he got it wrong, and i felt so bad i fixed the thing myself instead. My goodness.

P brought a backpack along and was soon regretting it because we were just clocking the distance. The subway rides are expensive! In the end we sat in a cafe where i bought latte (and to my amusement, found that latte with bad froth is almost a universal thing)

Bad froth!

and pored over the millions of maps we picked up along the way. This is when i have to keep something in mind for future reference – i need a decent map and i need to plan the places where i would like to go. In my Lonely Planet guide, everything sounded like they were next to one another. In reality, after painstakingly consulting our maps and circling the places we wanted to visit, we discovered to our horror that most places were located a considerable distance away from each other. I think in the end, we probably will only end up dropping by 2-3 places out of the 8 places we originally wanted to visit.

Then we took the subway to the hotel. When we arrived, we were shocked to learn that we were at the wrong hotel. Apparently this is quite common because immediately the receptionist whipped out a map and pointed us in the right direction – a good thirty minute walk away (because we loathed to spend any more unnecessary money). So i was dragging my new Antler bag all over the city, and i must say i will be pretty impressed if the wheels are still intact by the time this trip is over. Thank God i have a seven year warranty for the bag!

Anyhow, i updated my travel blog with two more entries. If you want to read more and view more photos, click here for the entry i blogged when i was in transit and here for our adventures today.

View from the aeroplane, en route to Nagoya Japan.

Nagoya airport

And oh my god, the toilets in Japan are extremely elegant. When i first entered the cubicle, i spent a good minute studying the different buttons because i did not want to push the wrong one and get squirted!

Read before you push!

The fanciful toilet bowl.


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