In transit

After an eight hour flight, i am currently in transit to resume the second leg of my journey in three hours. Needless to say, i am already bored stiffless. One good thing is that WiFi is free hence i can update on the go. I forgot to mention that i have started chronicling my current trip in my Travel Blog – click here to read that entry.  In short, i bought a new travel luggage – a red Antler duffel bag on wheels (the Translite large trolley bag to be exact). It was only 12kg when i checked in it, well below the 20kg limit i have. That’s a good thing, i intend to buy a couple of stuff from Tokyo, including office shirts and a satchel from the Monocle shop.

Currently waiting for my friend P who will be joining me on this trip. I called her when i arrived and she was still deciding whether she should be packing a suitcase or a backpack! Four hours before boarding. Clearly, my housemate is right – i AM an anxious traveler.

Anyway, i am glad no one had a heart attack or something on the plane which required the presence of a medical personnel. I was so paranoid (there is some reason for it – one of the other freshly graduated students went on a trip to Hong Kong last week, and the all-dreaded announcement was made on the flight – “Is there any medical personnel on board?”. Needless to say she was horrified since we had barely warmed our registration licenses!) that i ran through advanced life support protocols with my housemate before we departed on our separate flights.

Waiting waiting waiting

More waiting to be had.


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