I have hit my credit limit for the month. I have been wanting to pay off the amount over a week ago just so i can start swiping my card again but the bank is agonizingly slow in generating its statements. Due to a complicated taxation procedure, i can’t pay off the amount before the statement generates because it would result in more of my money being taxed. Likewise, i should use my credit card for all my purchases because the total amount spent contributes to my tax-free income; hence the staunch refusal to use my debit card. But holy hell, the bills that are waiting to be paid and the things that need to be bought…argh.

I tried to have my credit limit raised but apparently i can’t do so within the first six months of my application. Even though i explained my situation. Even though i asked why my credit limit was so darn low in the first place. Sigh.

Ok i am grouchy. It is early in the morning and i am due at a ceremony to sign off on my provisional medical license. And then i have to go to a luggage shop because my friend asked if i would be bringing a suitcase or a backpack. I did wonder briefly if a suitcase would be too troublesome to lug around on the Shinkansen and maybe i should pack a duffle bag. Unfortunately, my duffel bag is not check-in proof; that is the zippers are not padlock-able. I had a read on the internet, and really a suitcase is not feasible. So i need to get a duffel bag on wheels (can’t get a backpack since i am already carrying a daypack) and it bloody costs $200 and i can’t use my credit card for that. Argh. Fuck.


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