All right, now good riddance

Sent the dog off to the boarding kennel on Friday. She took to the boarding kennel’s operator like an old friend, and without even as much as a look back, the dog strode off to the kennels as if it was her old home. Granted she has been boarded at that kennel for a couple of times and therefore remembers the place, but still. Clearly, i am the one suffering separation anxiety now. What the hell.

But i reckon that may be the last time i will be boarding the dog there. Other than the fact that it is a five hour one way drive; i think the management of the kennel has changed slightly and i do not particularly like the new person calling the shots. Plus what peeved me off was how i was clearly a frequent patron, but she failed to tell me that they have jacked up the prices, significantly. I do not like the lack of ethics in such business practices.

In other news, i have finally graduated. Graduation day was a turning point for me – both professionally and personally. It was also the day when i decided to take charge of my happiness once and for all and not let anyone ruin in. Initially, i had my doubts, but throughout the day, i met friends who were experiencing similar events, and i took them as a sign that what i have done was tough but not wrong. I was glad my mum was present to witness it all. She was shocked but i think it was clearer than words. I do apologize for the cryptic messages zig zagging throughout this intense paragraph, but not everything can be said openly.

Lining up for our turns.

Graduation was also the day when my mum and i finally had the privacy and the space to have a heartfelt chat – something we have never been able to do and will not be able to do, had i not done what i did before the graduation ceremony. I am glad. We cleared up a lot of stuff, a lot of talking, forgiving and understanding. A lot of support. I am happy and i hope my mother is too. For all she has done for me, i hope i can repay it back. (And that’s all the touchy-feely stuff i have to say, so stop cringing!)

Also i was terribly stressed about my upcoming Japan trip. I am not sure why but anyhow it spurred me on to get cracking on my packing – a first for me since i usually pack on the morning of my flight. I also drew up a list of items i should bring lest i forget something and then feel like smacking myself up the head for being such a moron – another first. For some reason, my luggage looks really full even though i have limited the amount of clothes i am going to bring; and seriously i am not joking – i don’t bring a lot of stuff, no cosmetics, no unnecessary things. In fact, i am now considering wearing my runners instead of wearing my sneakers and bringing my runners, just to save space. I told my friend to take her runners along with her too – i want to go running around the Japanese neighbourhoods in the mornings to explore and experience what it is like to live in Japan. Should be fun!

I have also packed my backpack – was afraid i may not have space. My Nikon D90, Canon S95, my two external hard disk drives and their respective cables fit comfortably at the bottom of the camera backpack. My netbook nestles comfortably in the main compartment. So far looking good, and keeping my fingers crossed. I reckon i have not traveled leisurely in a while by myself , hence the unfamiliarity, hence the nervousness and apprehension, hence the stomache. What i really dread most is customs – the hassle to remove my camera and netbook separately to place on the trays to be scanned and then to pack them nicely into my backpack and all the while having to make sure my passport, wallet and bits and ends are all nicely in place. I hate this tediousness. And i also loathe unfriendly custom officers who make me feel like a damn criminal or someone unwelcomed. Sigh.

All right, i am going to have to resume watching the DVD i just rented – The Descent Part 2 (very challenging to watch since my dog is not around for me to clutch desperately at as a shield (i know, sometimes i get the “Are you loco look?” from her), and now i have to contend with a pillow which means i just block out all the crazy shocks and hear the screams). I really enjoyed Part 1. Then i am going to take a shower (just got back from a Futsal match – i have to say that there was something that i read in one of the books when i was at Borders and i think it is really true – on average, each player on the pitch will only have a minute’s contact with the ball. Players must understand the importance of running without the ball and it is these players who run up and down the pitch without the ball that create the opportunities for goals. They are the ones who create the space required. I realize how true that was. I barely touched the ball today but i was running up and annoying our opponents’ defence a great deal of the time, allowing my teammates to score. I was very happy). Then, finally, i am going to review my Japan itinerary. Ah huh.


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