Ever felt like just throwing in the towel even though you have put your heart and channeled your energy on the line, only for someone to be uncompromising?

I am exhausted.

When someone threatens to ruin all your hard work, money and aspirations, do you bow down and back out to cut the collateral damage and minimize the waste in resources, or do you forge on and hope for the best, even though this thing that you are fighting for may not necessarily be the most important thing nor the best thing that happen in your life?

I was excited but now i am just beaten.

I was hopeful but now i am jaded.

I was willing to try, now i just want it to end.

I was fighting for us, but now i am thinking of calling it quits.

I used to care, but now i wonder if that is misplaced.

I need a break.

Japan is good, to clear my head.


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