Graduation dinner

Apologies for the lack in posts recently but i have been busy. Busy with non-academic stuff, so that’s a reprieve. I had to attend a formal graduation dinner – had to finally whip out my black cocktail dress (i checked the dry-cleaning tag – last worn in 2006…) to try on two days before the dinner. Amazingly, it still fits, and there were no moth-eaten holes. Sent the dress off for dry-cleaning, dragged my feet to the dinner where i dreaded the small talk and useless superfluous comments (“Spud! You look so feminine! You need to dress up more often!” “Spud, oh my God, is that you?!”, “Spud, you look gorgeous!”)*, but surprisingly discovered i quite enjoyed myself. Although there was a mild splattering of social small talk; i spent most of the evening catching up with some good friends, especially those who will be moving inter-state to work next year. But i was not all wrong about the event – it was, as most med events, quite boring. Not sure why that is or maybe it is because i had such a blast during my College Ball that everything else pales in comparison.

Anyway, my parents are here, and they have brought with them the cameras i have requested – the Canon S95 and the Nikon D90 with the 200mm lens. I took the Canon with me to the dinner, and i must say i was impressed immediately. With the first shot, the Canon demonstrated its prowess on the market. It took a fantastic shot of my friend and i against a backdrop of the aquarium. The other cameras were struggling to pull a shot of similar calibre. Subsequently, friends who helped me take shots were flabbergasted and asked what kind of camera i had. Good recommendation and good buy i reckon.

I have not formally tested the Nikon yet, but i am a tad apprehensive since it seems to take a long time to focus. But then again, i did not read the manual. I was also pleasantly surprised to meet a friend at the after party who bought an identical model. He gave me a quick rundown through the camera’s functions after i told him i would not be reading the manual. Yay!


*No, i am not that cynical. I know comments from good friends are sincere and i embrace the comments joyously, but from mere acquaintances? Nah.


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