African food

A few days ago, my friend and i decided to Google a random African restaurant, head to the unknown, and sample a foreign cuisine. On the website, there were good reviews. When we headed to the neighborhood, we were slightly taken aback by the dodgy look of the area. To make matters worse, there were only two other customers. My friend and i could only exchange helpless looks. Well, i’m glad we stayed put because we were not disappointed. We ordered a chicken dish, a lamb special, a vegetarian dish and Ethiopian coffee. The vegetarian dish had all sorts of exotic vegetables, we really didn’t know what exactly went into the pot.

Can you make out any of the weird-sounding ingredients at all?

The unknown ingredients transformed into a vegetarian dish on enjera bread.

Then we had the meat dishes. I have to say that there was a bigger selection of beef dishes (is it because African cuisine consists more of beef??), but my friend was a non-beef eater so we stuck to the chicken and the lamb instead.

I was pleasantly surprised to note that the chicken dish had two hard-boiled eggs instead of one, so we each could have one without splitting the damn egg because the chef was stingy.

It really wasn't as spicy as it looked.

Another thing we didn’t realize was that African cuisine included goat’s cheese?? This lamb dish had the distinctive taste of goat’s cheese and it actually went really well with flavour of the lamb.

Lamb with goat's cheese - a unique and palatable combination.

The coffee – we could not finish it. My friend took a sip and decided it was enough for her. I took several; i actually kind of liked it. It had a distinctive herb taste – i out my finger on ginger but my friend disagreed. She’s probably right because she’s a good cook and can tell an ingredient apart from another, whereas i can’t even tell you what the hell spinach looks like unless it comes out of a can that way Popeye has them. The coffee was potent.

Trying to determine if the coffee was strong enough for the spoon to stand on its own. The brew was not that thick.

The clincher had to be the enjera bread. It was similar to Thosai (Indian bread), except this was much much spongier.

Enjera (African bread). Looked like fat rolls of paper towel.


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