Grand finale

Had my final exam for Medical School today (*touch wood lest i am recalled to re-take the exam*) and hell it was not bread and butter topics like everyone claimed. I had a patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease; and it was only by the greatest of luck that i actually had a brief read of this condition a year ago. Needless to say i was shellshocked, and well, so was my examiner when i gave her the right answer. Our conversation went like this:

Examiner: Give me causes of neuropathic ulcers.

Me: Erm, Endocrine such as Diabetic ulcers, Nutritional such as Thiamine, and maybe neurological lesions such as Guillian-Barre?

(At this point, i was faltering badly. I mean what the hell??)

Examiner: Do you know of any inherited peripheral neuropathies?

(I wanted to keel and head the desk. I closed my eyes as a jumble of words rushed into my head.)

Me: Charcot-Marie-Tooth?

Examiner: Impressive!

Me: …

Examiner: Tell me more about Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

Me: o_O

(Game over.)

Anyway, my examiners were nice, my patient was friendly, and the test went well, i mean what are the damn odds of asking me about CMT??! but nevertheless, better that than some other disease i have never heard of, so i am not complaining.

I called up my friend who took his exam the day before. He had called me after his exam, hysterical, because he felt he failed the exam. Apparently he had a patient our age (mid-twenties) with bowel cancer, and he was quizzed about the protocols of FAP and HNPCC, and that was not really fair because that is physician level exams not junior doctors. I told him that he should quit whinging because i had bloody CHARCOT-MARIE-TOOTH. He shrieked and starting laughing (not meanly, just in severe disbelief). But i came through it ok, so i am happy.

Anyhow since coming home, i have been working on updating my songlists, purchasing songs off iTunes.

Finally bought this song that i have lost and been missing for over a few years – 一生最爱的人(伍佰).

And finally got round to importing my 信乐团 cd into my laptop and onto iTunes. My favorite song – 死了都要爱。

Bought a couple of other songs too:

1. Something in the water by Brooke Fraser
2. Just a dream by Nelly
3. Grenade by Brunos Mars
4. Planets by Short Stack
5. Love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihanna
6. Written in the stars by Tinie Tempah

There are a couple of other songs i want to get but i don’t know who sang them or what their titles are, so i guess it is trial and error with the radio! All right, off to soccer!


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