A new level of Re-cycling

I subscribe to T-Post, a monthly magazine in the form of a T-shirt. So i kill two birds at one go – i do not have to shop for T-shirts (my main staple of wear) with a gurantee that i will be unlikely to run into someone on the street with the same garb (because it is limited edition and i hate it when that happens, hence the habit of shopping for clothes from overseas online retailers), and the fact that i get updated with quirky news that you don’t normally see in conventional self-respecting newspapers (i.e. The Economist) or useless tabloids (i.e. [insert name here – i don’t read any so i don’t know]).

I just saw that the creators of T-Post have teamed up with a design school to come out with ways to recycle past issues. Thought it was fantastic, some of the ideas that were thrown up.

For example:


Issue 41

Recycled into:


My personal favourite.

How cool is that?? And the remarkable thing is that i used to scoff at design and art, partly because of a bad experience with art lessons in high school and partly because i sucked at it. Aha. All those Design magazines (Frame, Monocle) and Architecture magazines (Architectural Digest, Mark) that i read are rubbing off me.


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