The view from the chair

So i have taken to studying in my backyard. Largely in part inspired by the potential house move (no longer) and then motivated by the memory that i used to do this, and it all started after i completed a rotation in rural medicine. Ah…Nature.


My simple setup on the back porch.

The vista i enjoy. (The dog does not usually get in the way.)


What are those peeking from the side of the camper's chair?

If you are really smart, you will see the stack of magazines at the side of my chair – light reading when i get sick of going through my medical notes. If you are really really smart, you will notice that the issues i am reading are all back issues, issues dating to 2008, because my weakness for magazine subscriptions and my severe lack of time meant that i have stacks of unopened old magazines still in pristine conditions waiting to be read.

So anyway, i am not moving anymore.

One, i am just too darn sick of moving – the thought of packing everything into boxes and then unpacking everything is too daunting. Not to mention, if we move, we will definitely down-size and then i have to start thinking about holding a garage sale, and i am really bad with selling my stuff – that is, i find it easier to give my stuff away than sell, which of course, makes no financial sense, since i am not some bloody aristocrat with money to burn.

Two, i thought really hard about it, and i can cheat and lie to myself, but despite the damn cracks and leaks in this house; i have grown accustomed to it, and although i grouse about insects, spiders and shit, iguanas (there is a resident one in my backyard that drives my dog mad and me scared) that sometimes inch their way into my house, i don’t think i will be happy without a large backyard to wander around anymore. Neither will the dog be pleased.

Three, after consulting with my mum, she asked casually if the whole reason for moving was because i was bored. I was forced to ponder her comment and yes, maybe, i am. 3.5 years in the same house, never once regarded myself as a nomad, but it sure seems like that. BUT, we have decided that when my parents come over in little over a week, we are going to re-decorate the house. I am excited! I am already thinking of the things i want to do – getting a new bookcase, rotating my TV entertainment bench into a tall magazine rack, potentially invest in a new TV (i don’t watch much TV so really, the old one should suffice, although the colour definition is terrible. I am so unfussy that earlier this year, i was watching my entire Chinese drama series in black and white. On hindsight, that was a bit mad). But i am seriously contemplating subscribing to National Geographic Wild and Animal Planet, so maybe i will be watching more TV after all. Plus, after spending the last few days out in the backyard studying, i wondered if i should source for cheap outdoor furniture, perhaps from a co-op shop? We shall see.

Four, i just received my list of work rotations for next year, and (*drum roll please…*) i have got my first choice! I am very thankful. I was worried i would get two medical rotations, but i got what i wanted so one medical rotation, two surgical rotations, one emergency medicine, and one rural medicine. And they coincide nicely with the soccer season next year (thanks to the really helpful HR lady). Anyway, one of the hospitals i am posted to is located a fair bit away and moving from my current location will just add to my travel time. So moving is again not a good idea.

Lastly, i spoke to a friend whose husband is a developer, and when i confided in her my fears about a leaking roof, she chided me and told me to not speculate. If it leaks, then just fix it, no big deal. Anyway, old houses like the one i am living in are prone to cracks. And i have a good deal on my hands – good landlord (but again, i will reserve my judgment till i am truly in the middle of my new lease), safe suburb, large house, low rent. Anyway, my friend sounded really light-hearted about the whole thing, and that paradoxically seemed to reassured me.

So that’s the update on my accommodation so far.


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