My stress level for my upcoming finals (tomorrow really) is much higher than i would have liked, and much more intense than i normally harbour. I thought about it and i think much more is at stake here than necessary. I mean, the results we get this semester are irrelevant, since we all have jobs. All we need to do is pass, and i think that’s the problem. I am so close to the finish and yet i fear if for some exasperating reason, i do not get through this hurdle, i will be forced to repeat the WHOLE damn year. And really, i cannot do that because i am just so sick of medical school. Thus, i think all this pressure is self-induced and self-perpetuating. I have already skipped all my sports training sessions, and frankly, am not feeling at my physical or mental best at the moment. It is so annoying.

Please let me just get through this and start on the real part of Life.


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