The Housemate and i went to inspect two houses today. We are spilt between moving and staying. Moving because this house is getting really old, and massive cracks have appeared in the ceilings and walls, and the one thing that really prompted me to have a look at the property market, was the development of mold on the ceiling of our bathroom. One day, for no apparent reason, i casually glanced up at the ceiling, and recoiled at the grossness of it all. I cannot understand how mold can appear on the ceiling if we always switched on the ventilator and have the window cracked open 24/7. In addition, we hire a regular cleaning service that has been pretty meticulous.

I offhandedly floated the idea of moving to the Housemate and she was hooked. Also i probably have to say that on the day we discussed this issue, we were having a rather hefty lunch in a foreign suburb after taking an English test. Needless to say, both of us are a bit chagrined (my Housemate more than i, i reckon. I have resigned myself to this sort of fate. Six years of staying in a Western country can do that to you.) that despite English being our first language and that we have been studying Medicine for the past six years in English, the authorities still decided that just because we come from an Asian country, there is a chance we may be terrible in the grasp of this language. Anyway, my Housemate like the idea of starting on a fresh slate in the new phase of our lives. She was also finding it difficult to maintain the cleanliness of this house because it is so old, so full of cracks (typical of 80 year old Victorian houses i must add) and so drafty that dust just keeps drifting in.

However, the search of a suitable dwelling has been fraught with difficulties. We intend to move back into the city because it is closer to the hospital where the Housemate works. I am the one with the wheels and i am also the one who loathe residing in the same vicinity as my workplace, hence it was natural to move closer to the Housemate’s workplace. City houses are unfortunately considerably costlier, and the possibility of the landlord accommodating a dog on their property is also slimmer (even though i have a good reference for the dog). In addition, the landlord of our current residence is a real nice guy who has offered to do much repairs without jacking up the rent. Unfortunately, we are just not sure if this house is fixable anymore (not to say that it is not livable since we are after all still living in this place, but just that it’s old).

Anyhow i was on the verge of giving up the search (it was getting too distracting especially when we are THIS close to our finals) when i happened to see two houses that were quite nice, so we decided to have a look. We were late for the first house inspection because we were lost. The house was located in the middle of a bustling shopping centre. We were amazed. And yet when the elevators deposited us on the second level, instead of seeing a dim corridor which i was expecting; we were gently ushered into the great sunshine. I don’t know what the architects did but it was intelligent design at one of its finest. The agent was also very kind. Although we missed the inspection, he managed to arranged for one of his colleagues to show us the place. It was nice but small – certainly if we get the place, i will have to sell a significant amount of my belongings. For me, the price was off-putting and so was the space; however i did like the idea of living in the middle of a busy shopping complex. Did i mention it was also near the water edge? I like that we are surrounded by hustle and bustle – i relish having the noises of human activities for company. My housemate like and dislike the place for the same reasons but in the reverse order!

The second place was just beside the city. To be honest, i was appalled. I don’t understand how i never noticed this establishment. I like the place because it was larger, cheaper, and it has two outdoor areas for the dog to roam. (The other one had a small balcony but no way for the dog to observe the world pass by whereas this one had). Also it was a stone’s throw away from the city and a massive park. Lastly, it has its own community and i like having friendly neighbours. Plus i noticed the neighbour has a dog (i did not see the dog, but i saw traces of its existence – a dog bed and artificial grass. I was going to get grass for my dog too, but the real thing instead because i doubt my dog will be conned into pissing on plastic). The only problem was we saw a crack at the base of the wall, and that worried me. Clearly this house was also aging; i just don’t know how well it will age. Fortunately, this time the Housemate and i shared the same likes and concerns.

Anyway, i have submitted our applications. Although these places did not have landlords that have the standard knee-jerk response to dogs on their properties, i guess i don’t really want to have my hopes up too high anyway. I don’t like being disappointed, and also i think that is all the house inspections i am going to do. I have neither the time nor the patience anymore.


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