The Great Weeding Machine

Friends come and friends go.

The Great Weeding Machine is gently purring as its engine gradually warms up. It will steadily build up to a rumble and peak by the middle of next year, and the truth will be laid bare, and we will know who is friend and who is foe, and who was, is and will never be.

I am gearing up myself for the big weed. A multitude of emotions. Should i try or should i not? Should i bother and what does it mean to me anyway? Or to you? What does it take? An arm, my heart or my soul? Maybe nothing at all. Or perhaps my sight – maybe i should get it checked out, for the lack of far-sightedness.

Anyway, six years of such experiences, months of heartbreak, grief and disappointment, and ladies and gentlemen, we are not really talking matters of the heart here, or maybe we are. After all, a friend that passes through will always leave a mark.

What does it mean to be close, only to discover the ugly undercurrents that lie behind your facade? If i try, am i being selfish because i am not letting you be you? If i do not let you be who you are, can i still be called a friend since i cannot accept your differences? And if i choose to remain friends albeit superficially, will i not be trampling on my principles to be sincere, and in the end, lose sight of myself? Will i sacrifice myself for you?

1.5 days more of being a medical student in this academic calendar. And currently being slugged by issues of Life less than a week from my Finals.


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