One step closer to being a REAL adult

Dropped by the bank today to receive my newly minted credit cards. The guy at the local outlet was surprised i had my credit card application approved since i have yet to start work. This is thanks to the concerted efforts of my accountant and the bank manager who is based at the accounting firm. I am very appreciative, and mildly flattered and apprehensive. I think i am getting the first insight into the prestige of being a doctor. To be honest, this is starting to scare me a little.

Armed with my new cards, i signed up for private Healthcare. Another step closer to being a full-fledged working professional. Next in line – changing my dog’s insurance to the same Healthcare provider.

By the way, i was on the verge of signing up for a National Geographic Traveler subscription when i saw that Lonely Planet has a monthly magazine too! Does anyone know if it is much more interesting and useful? I am probably going to purchase single issues of each and have a thorough read before i make my decision…


Update (Tuesday 16/11/2010 1pm): I have placed a subscription for the Lonely Planet magazine. After buying a single issue of each magazine and reading through them, i reckon the Lonely Planet wins hands down. The Lonely Planet magazine had more to offer – it was more organized, there were free mini-guides, a larger section of photos taken by readers around the world, the writing style was easier to digest, less boring (very important especially if i spend most part of the day reading! I don’t want to read drab materials in my leisure time!) and certainly more educational. Plus they have an issue every month!

Whereas the National Geographic Traveler makes an attempt to talk about travel but the sections were short and not very informative. There was more prose on traveling rather than about the destination itself. Also no matter how much they try to dodge, they still seem to retain that scientific air in their travel articles. And they have one issue every two months. The only drawback is that the Lonely Planet is significantly more pricey £75 (USD$120) but the National Geographic is a mere USD$32.95 (£20.50) (prices quoted for international shipping, at time of writing.) You pay for good writing i suppose.  So Lonely Planet it is for me.


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