Funny how one forgets the simple things

Woke up this morning and i found to my surprise, that i was able to get out of bed. I was refreshed. But then again, i slept at 10pm the night before. Strange how easily i forget the simplest things in life – like if i sleep early, i can wake up early too. Hurrumph.

Also i did my grocery shopping today and bought two packets of chocolates. During a conversation with a friend the previous week, she mentioned that it was Halloween this Sunday. Halloween! The memory still appalls me. Anyway, i am all prepared now. Bought the chocolates. Waiting for the neighbourhood children to come bang on my door. I will be so peeved if no one shows up, and my housemate and i will have to eat the chocolates ourselves – like i say, we don’t have the habit of pigging out on chocolates.

I have also given my housemate the heads up. I probably will not be home for the potential trick or treating since i have a futsal match scheduled around the time. Oh well…i was hoping to be able to salvage my tarnished image!

And for those of you that are bored – a rather educational video from Discovery channel  regarding pumpkins.


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  1. lol… I read the “memory”.. reminded me of when I basically said “oh…we don’t celebrate Halloween” to the kids and shut the door

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