I was studying when i happened to look up and into the mirror. I frowned at my reflection; something looked off but i could not put my finger on it. After a few minutes of intermittent looking up into the mirror as i valiantly attempted to resume studying, i finally realized what was wrong. My EYEBROWS. They were too neat, too slim, too feminine. I do not have anything against being feminine, hell i think it would do me some good, but slim eyebrows in particular always make me think that the person is manipulative, cunning, vicious and really not very intellectual. (Perhaps i have seen too many professors with busy eyebrows.) My facial therapist clearly forgot my instructions when it came to my eyebrows – go easy, i like them a bit thick. Never mind, they will grow out in a couple of days? My relatively dark-framed glasses can cover up.

On another note, i went for a hands-on session in resuscitation a few days back. It was good fun and terribly useful – i now realize that the Universal algorithm ABC can be skipped if you know the person is in VT or VF, just go straight for the defibrillator. I also now finally got my head around adenosine and atropine – the former for SVTs and the latter for asystole. A world of difference. Anyway, the session included video-taping our performances so we could have a debrief and obtain feedback on what we had done well, and what we could improve on.

As the video played back, i saw a girl in long black hair entered the room. I squinted at the image, trying to recall who else was in the resuscitation room with me, before i realized with a jolt, that that girl was me. Holy moly, when did my hair grow so long?? I look so feminine i could barely recognize myself! No wonder acquaintances i have not met in months all stared at me in shock and approached me to tell me how long my hair has grown. I have never taken their comments seriously, dismissing it as small talk, but now i realized there is some truth to it. Wow. I am not cutting my hair – i have found a way to hold my hair back without looking like an auntie. I also like the contradictory image i am projecting (at least in my mind’s eye).

Book Depository finally delivered all the books i ordered. Also AbeBooks delivered The River (at a much faster speed than Book Depot!) by Ed Hooper promptly. The book is obviously second-hand (i have known that before ordering) but in a relatively good condition – no dog ears, no page creases or lines on the spine (pet peeve!). I was shocked to see writing on the inside of the front and back covers of the book because i do not recall that being in the book description of the bookseller, but that soon gave way to delight and nostalgia? These are the words:


Front cover



Back cover


Somewhere out there eight years ago in 2002, someone bought this book in London to read as they headed to Bristol the next day. Eight years ago, around that time, i was in junior college on a study break. Somehow, with a little turn of fate, this book landed in my lap, and i wonder what the previous owner is doing now.

Life is strange…and beautiful.


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