Student privileges

Students enjoy concessions. Movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, theatre tickets, exhibition entrance fees etc.

With graduation in just one and a half months, i am very conscious of the fact that my student life will be over, and with it, all the concessions i have been enjoying.

I have noticed that medical journals are slightly different. Prices are cheaper for medical students and junior doctors (usually first two years out) and exorbitantly expensive once you embark onto a specialization program. The only journal (or at least amongst the journals i have subscribed to) that does not make this distinction is the American Journal of Surgery. It is way cheaper for students and then US$400 more expensive the minute you are out of medical school. Whoa.

Anyway, there is a non-medical magazine website that provides magazines for students are really low prices. I just called them to double-check if i was eligible to renew my magazine subscription through them even though i will be graduating at the end of the year. They said sure! I could even renew for three years if at the time of renewal, i met all eligibility criteria (i.e. still studying). I was overjoyed! I just renewed The Economist for three more years, enjoying further student benefits. I save over 1k in the process. Double whoa.

I just love The Economist. I have not read it the past five weeks when i was on my GP rotation because i drove to the practice instead of commuting by train, hence my reading time was cut off. But i am back doing hospital medicine and on my regular train rides. After five weeks, i was simply amazed at how behind i was with the latest news, politics, economics, science and technology (somehow news video podcasts are still way different). I need to start cultivating the habit of waking up in the morning, and reading a few pages of The Economist as i have my breakfast, before i start the day proper. That way, i will never have the excuse of not having the time. Also, I was so excited i called up a friend whom i know subscribes to National Geographic. Told her to check the website out because she may be able to renew her subscription for three years at student prices.

Bottomline, over the past three days, i have spent over 1k renewing my magazine subscriptions just to take advantage of the low exchange currency rates and to ensure i maximize the remainder of my student benefits. Had i not keep reminding myself how much i would save in the long run, i reckon i would be very appalled with my spending habits.



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