The cost of a cough

I have completely lost my voice – can’t even utter a sound. I was pretty horrified; and i wondered if this will be permanent. Anyway this damn pharyngitis is costing me a heap load, even though i have yet to see a doctor. I missed BJJ training on Saturday and Monday and a soccer social tonight. My voice does not look like it is going to come back by tomorrow, which means i may have to miss my futsal coaching session tomorrow too. I have not been able to practice my flute either. Each training session costs me money! So annoyed. Maybe i should really look into preventative healthcare and invest in all those damn vitamins.

Anyway, the silver lining is that i have a legitimate reason to not turn up at the hospital. I am now based in the inpatient Cardiology unit with some really sick patients. I will stay away from them till the height of my infection is over – don’t want to make them sicker than they already on. So i have been home doing some self-studying, and lots of leisure reading, heaven forbade, bought more books from Book Depository. Seriously, i spend so much time on Book Depository, i might as well have it as my home page. But how can you miss out on hot offers – for example i have always wanted to get a copy of Fast Food Nation but could never quite bring myself to fork out the $15. Then i saw it was on sale for $5. I never thought i live to see the day that non-fiction books actually go so cheap! I also bought The House of God for less than $10. A friend picked a copy from the local bookstore for $22. She was shrieking when i told her how much i paid for mine. Heh. I intend to read The House of God during my Japan trip or when i am back in the Homeland, just before i start my internship next year.

Then in one of the many newsletters i get sent from various publishing companies (a good ploy to entice potential customers to spend money i can assure you), i bought The Case of the Pope, a Penguin special written by a journalist regarding the sex scandal. I am not religious despite being born a Catholic, so i was curious. Lastly, i finally sourced an affordable copy of The River by Ed Hooper (a book about the origin of AIDS). It is not in publish anymore, and i had to look at secondhand booksellers just to get my hands on a copy. So all’s good, and i am happy. Just need to get over my infection. If tomorrow my voice ain’t back, i really have to see a GP for some antibiotics i reckon. This is too severe to be viral.


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