Lump at the side of the head

Lance, the baby budgerigar i rescued months ago from three vicious magpies, has developed a massive lump on the left side of his head. I have noticed the lump a few months ago but it was small and hidden by feathers. I asked The Housemate to take a look because my differentials were all ominous. In the end, we decided perhaps the lump was its ear. See, we never rear birds in our life ever (and i will probably never keep one as a pet again, unless i have the misfortune to stumble across under crippled bird), so we really do not know any better.

Except yesterday, just before i turned off the lights to my living room (where the bird cage is also situated), i caught a horrifying glimpse of the lump on the bird’s head. For some inexplicable reason, the lump had swelled up and now it was protruding from the side of the budgie’s head like some tumourous growth. I wondered for a moment, if the bird has a bird-variant of neurofibromatosis. Maybe that is why it can’t fly. Then i started fretting about potential zoonotic infections that we can get because of this disease-for-which-i-have-no-name-for that Lance has.

I told the housemate and she had a second look and a second opinion. She was as shocked but more sympathetic towards the bird. I was more concerned with the potential health issues and the monetary burden that has just been unceremoniously shoved upon me. I would have brought the bird to the vet immediately except i do not have a voice. Not even a rasp. That is how bad my pharyngitis has evolved. I could not even call the clinic to book an appointment.

The Housemate said she will make an appointment for me tomorrow, though we have yet to figure how exactly i am going to communicate the problem to the vet. Perhaps it will be self-explanatory. But the other issue is that i hope the vet that i like is on shift tomorrow. Otherwise i will not bother rocking up to the vet. I do not like his business partner, who seemed very incline to euthanize animals. He may have his reasons, but his bedside manner with pet owners really suck, so i am steering clear of him.

See how tomorrow goes.


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