And i thought i got away

On the last day of my GP rotation, two thoughts struck me. One, i had been pretty lucky – despite missing my annual influenza vaccination, i managed to get away scot-free even though 80% of the patients i saw, came in with sniffles. Two, this fit-looking adult male patient came in with a moderate fever hitting 38 degrees celcius; and i marveled that i have not met any adult with a fever in ages (they are usually kids) and that personally, i have not had a fever since i was a kid.

Usually when i think these thoughts, i know i probably jinxed myself. As of recent years, i have decided it is less about jinxing and more about premonition. Anyway, i was auscultating this guy’s chest (the same guy with a fever), and he did me the courtesy of exhaling in my face. (Clearly all brawn and no brains.) Guys, let me give you a tip – if your doctor is listening to your chest trying to figure out a diagnosis, you should turn your head and aim your breaths/coughs/sneezes/all other projectile bodily fluids away from the doctor. I was appalled, and i prayed fervently that i would not get his bacterial infection, but i know there was a slim chance. His bacterial infection had bulldozed through his entire family and finally he himself succumbed to it. Clearly a very contagious strain.

Fifteen minutes later, i kid you not, i felt one of my tonsils throbbed. I hastily downed a glass of cold water (i am very bad at maintaining self-hydration) but i know it was too late. That was Friday, also the last day of my GP rotation. I took the dog for a run in the beautiful sunshine and although i shaved 6 minutes off my running time as compared to my time from way before i started soccer; i really felt like crap after the work-out.

Saturday i woke up with such an achy throat, i felt like throttling someone. I could not rock up for BJJ training because i think my tonsils may just fucking burst if someone decides to execute a choke on me. Argh. So i took Saturday off (although i did attend a few house auctions with a couple of friends. Sometimes i wonder if we are out of our minds – tell me, why would a medical student, not yet out of the ‘sausage factory’ as one of my consultants used to say much to my amusement, attend auctions for million-dollar houses? No, ‘just trying to get an idea of the current property market’ is a reason not good enough. Alas, we still go.) and Sunday came round, and can you believe it, i was feeling worse. In fact, i started spitting out phlegm and i tried to peer into my mouth to see if i have exudates on my tonsils (can’t see and don’t want to gag). I think it is viral – so nothing i can do but rest, rest and rest. I didn’t. HAHAHAHA. I went out for dinner with a group of girlfriends. Spicy Sichuan cuisine followed by delicious waffles with ice-cream.

Today i woke up, and my voice is non-existent. And i have a cough to top it off. FANTASTIC.

I called the clinical school to let them know i will not be coming in (my voice barely a croak, and the Dean’s assistant could barely make out what i said) because my Dean is infamous for breathing down anyone’s neck for playing truant. Sometimes i think we medical students, all in our mid-twenties and over, really just play this stupid game with the Dean out of amusement.

Anyway, so that’s my weekend. Pleasant.


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