Up days and down days

I need to de-stress a little as i rest my aching shoulders. Just hung up 1.5 cycles of laundry (the additional 0.5 was wet laundry that i did not have time to hang from Sunday, and therefore went back into the machine for a second wash to get rid of the stench of wet clothes that had clumped together for a long time).

Yesterday was an up day and today is a down day. Monday was a so-so day, and i wonder what tomorrow brings. Soccer social went well yesterday. I am starting to get comfortable playing as midfielder-striker, learning how to create opportunities and where i should be standing. I also learnt to dribble a little. Though i did not score any goals, i did have five shots on goal and i was getting quite frustrated. I found out that many of the players who were playing the social were from Division one (i play Division 3) so i am really happy because that means i get to work on my skills with more experienced players, without the pressure of performing because it is a social.

Fight between Stegosaurus and Triceratops (image googled)

There were three new players who joined the game – they too belong to an outdoor soccer team. I have never seen them before so they are probably of a higher division too. One of the players took to defending me by literally adopting rugby scrum tactics. The first thing that came to my mind was that of Stegosaurus and Triceratops because she was doing exactly that to me! I was amazed because it was blatant and dude, we are in a friendly match. Anyhow, it did not bother me too much, i guess because i know i can easily win the challenge if i had to. We also played a full sixty minute game without a rest. I did not keel over at the end of it, so i knew i had become fitter.

Today however, was a bit of a disappointment. Just when i thought i was finding my footing, i sunk into lost mode again. I went for group soccer training session and just could not find the correct passes and crosses and actually gave the ball away in many instances. It was not all bad, and there were some crosses that i lobed in pretty well (it was pointed out by the coach; i do not believe in self praise!) but i had only one shot at goal and this time round i could not tell where my teammates were and i felt very much under pressure. Not sure why. Of course i know that there can never be all good days in soccer. Some days you can try your best, and the crosses don’t happen, and the opportunities do not open up. Other days, it is effortless to create chances. Still it does not feel good though – i think i am really pushing myself in soccer now. I ought to calm down.

All right, i should get some studying done. I am so annoyed. Close to midnight, barely enough time to study. Promise i will talk more about what i did on my GP rotation. There were certainly interesting things i did; but really most of the time i am bored shitless out of my mind. (And i am surprised to discover that the GP consultants i sit in consultation with; admit to the same feelings. Oh well.)


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