Commerce without morality

The new neighbours that moved in six months ago, are moving out again. I found out that their landlord, also my former neighbour (and a pretty uptight woman, who only became friendly to me when i started giving her the cold shoulder i.e. not bothering to greet her when i see her – that sort of person who responds only when you are aggressive) had increased their rent. In less than a year of their lease. I do not know the new neighbours at all, just an occasional smile since i hardly run into them; but if i were in their shoes, i would be pretty pissed off. In fact, i was surprised that anyone would accept the original rent (the rent before the hike!) since it was as dear as living in the damn city itself. Clearly my former neighbour pushed her luck too far this time.

Anyway, the moving truck came yesterday and i saw my dog do this:

Very very curious about the neighbours

Yup, she stood on one of her kennels and peer across the fence in curiosity. Probably trying to score herself a pat from the neighbours. I know my neighbours’ gardener was really amused and gave her a pat once.

Sunbathing - clearly no shortages of kennel roofs to choose from.

She sleeps in the smaller kennel (more cosy i suppose) and usually sunbathes or keep an eye out for our property on the larger kennel. I bet people who pass our house and see her relaxing on top of her kennels must be very amused.


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