Under $8

I went to Borders yesterday whilst waiting for my friends. I didn’t think i was going to buy any books since Book Depository has most books much cheaper. Until of course, i came to the bargain table, one that is not usually out on display, and one with the signature 3-for-2 books. Every book was going for $6.99, and they were throwing in a free book for every two purchased. I knew then that i was in for some spending. Book Depository may be cheap but if the books are going below $8, even the online retailer can’t match that. Sure enough, i picked up enough books that i would read but would never purchase if i were on a book-buying spree with an aim – the kind of books you tell yourself you want to read but could never bring yourself to fork out the money because there are many more books out there worth buying.

So i bought myself four crime mysteries and thrillers – ones i can get through in one sitting; the type that really ain’t worth $20 (usual price) because their shelf lives is longer than their reading lives. Four books for $20? Now that is a different story. I bought Prey by Michael Crichton, Never say die and Call after Midnight by Tess Gerritsen and Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman.

Already i have completed Michael Crichton’s Prey and i was amazed to realize that his books are not as esoteric as i made them out to be when i first read one in high school. I think the subsequent years of education i had made it a little easier to read his material. I am now going to get my hands on the rest of his collection.

I lovingly placed my new purchases on my bookshelf, and arranged them with my other books. I stood back and admired the two towering bookshelves that dominate the dining room, and i realize that before the end of this year, i will probably be getting myself another IKEA bookcase. When my parents fly up to visit in about two months, my mum will be hauling more of my books from The Homeland. She redeems Borders vouchers for me from the credit card points she accumulate, just so i can satisfy my reading habits.

Anyhow, after browsing through the books on my bookshelves (many purchased from years before, still unread but not untouched because i haven’t found the time yet), i started on Ken Follett‘s The Third Twin, bought three years before. I am just a bit worried that i seemed to have embarked on a reading phase that usually hits me only when i am on vacation; and my exams are in five weeks. Hopefully, this will be the last fiction before my exams. I need to get some serious studying done.


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