Afternoon walks

I had time today to nip back home during lunch break between clinic sessions. Since i will be out tonight, having dinner with friends, i took the dog out for a walk. I miss afternoon walks with my dog. Our routine walks always occur late at nights when i finally find some breathing space from my various commitments. It can be quite lonely since there is usually no one else walking their dogs, and most dogs are in the houses with their owners so no dogs to bark at us. I know it is strange; maybe some people like that it will be a quiet walk. But to see the other dogs in the neighbourhood barking at us excitedly as we walk pass, and the dog and i staring at them in amusement; is well, quite cheerful.

Afternoon walks are great. Most people aren’t home, so their dogs know they can yelp to their hearts’ content. Most dogs would also be out in their yards, peering through the gates, waiting for the next canine visitor to walk pass, which happened to be us today. It was kind of fun to see the various dogs react. The sunshine felt good, and i could see the various builders and tradesmen working hard on the new townhouses, and the stay-at-home mums tending to their kids.

All right, enough nostalgia. Gotta eat my lunch and head back out.


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