I just have to say this.

Last night i went to the supermarket to do my weekly grocery shopping. As i was about to leave the underground carpark, i felt this unpleasant thumping and throbbing in my head, except it wasn’t really in my head. It was coming from my environment and affecting my head. I don’t suffer from vertigo or any ear imbalance, and i do not easily get motion sickness or something along those lines, but this highly irritating subwoofer bass was causing me a lot of grief. It didn’t help the windows were down because the dog was in the backseat, and i usually let her stick her head out to watch the world go pass.

I hurriedly pulled out of the parking lot and exited the place. To my horror, the sound followed me.  I swiveled around to search for the root cause of all this evil and i saw the troublemaker. Some moron in an orange beat up car that had raced into the narrow underground carpark and made a screeching lap around the other cars. I thought he was going to get some stuff from the supermarket but clearly he was just trying to show off his useless skills. God, why do guys do this? Seriously, have they no brains in their skulls? He could have caused an accident with his mindless stunt.

He followed me all the way out to the traffic intersection and i have to say, i was really affected by the racket his god-damn subwoofer was creating because i nearly overshot a fucking red light. My temper flared unreasonably rapidly; something that has not happened in ages. And i cursed that bastard on the spot. Thankfully we parted ways at the intersection.

Why do people behave so ridiculously? Do you know how pathetic it is if complete strangers can wish ill upon you even though we never met? It must be a pretty wretched existence.


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