A whole day free to myself!

Fresh sashimi

I think i may be having a little burn-out with studying. Not a full-fledged one though, since it seems when i do get into the rhythm, i get excited (yep, about studying, i amaze myself with my geeky-ness even at this age). However, this weekend has just be absolutely beautiful. Friday night, i caught up with a good friend and we decided to try one of the restaurants in a Vietnamese area – a place i always cruise past en route to sports training, and have always wanted to try one of the eateries. Yesterday i only had one extra-curricular lesson to attend; my flute teacher is on holiday. Then i had an enjoyable dinner with the housemate, dining on Japanese food. Gosh, beautiful raw sashimi. I was telling my housemate that i will probably eat till i get Hepatitis when i travel to Japan at the end of the year. (I have got my full Hep A vaccination for the worried few out there, heh.)

Since i was so unmotivated to do any medically-related readings; i decided to pick up a crime thriller and to get through it over the weekend. I guess i have always known how fast i get through novels; nevertheless i am still pleasantly surprised at my rate of reading. I worked through one-third of Lisa Gardner‘s Say Goodbye before retiring to bed. This morning, i woke up leisurely, lazed in bed a few hours, then resumed my reading. I only got out of bed at 1pm, after completing the novel. My gosh, it is a wonderful life.

A whole day with no plans is hard to come by. Now i can decide at my own pace what i would like to do for the next few hours. Should i browse medical journals? Or do some readings? Or head out in the beautiful sunshine with the dog for a run? Or go back to bed and nap? Endless possibilities.

I am contented.

Having fun. The dog with a pseudo-bonnet.

Catching the rare glimpse of sunshine to do the household laundy.


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