Health insurance

I was filling in an online application for my work visa next year. I really love the institution i am going to work at next year; they are so efficient and so damn nice. *Raps hard on wood because i do not want to jinx myself*

Anyway, at the very last page of the application (i took almost an hour and a half!), i realized i had to apply for private healthcare insurance. I have insurance cover now, but it is only meant for students. Honestly, i am also not sure what the hell it covers; all i know is that this is mandatory by my student visa. Partly because of my ignorance and partly because of my laziness and general lack of time to find out more, i have not been to the doctor for an annual health check-up in six years? unless i am sicker than a dog, because i refuse to pay any unnecessary money. (Most of the time, i know the doctors can’t do much anyhow since i usually have viral illnesses.) I wonder what my cholesterol, lipid profiles, thyroid function, liver and renal indices are like. I really should drop by my family GP back in the Homeland when i return for a short 8-day trip at the end of the year…except i do not know if he can keep patient confidentiality from my parents. I think the Asian culture is just different – patient confidentiality is not such a big thing.

Anyway, i was told that there are no local medical insurers that will insure foreigners on a working visa; we have to get international health cover from our homeland. So i thought filling in the application would be relatively easy. I was told wrong. A quick google search revealed multiple local insurers that will cover working foreigners. So of course, i could only quickly skim through the two private healthcare that i have heard most about on the radio and whose advertisements i infrequently encountered when i do watch TV. Hmmm, it really is not as simple as i thought. I could simply sign up for one; or i could take a step back, ask the medical consultants i work with for their opinions and my local friends, pore through the fine print before i decide. Man, i remembered i took close to two months comparing the various insurance for my dog before i made my decision.

In the end, i painfully closed the visa application that i had meticulously filled in. Now, i have to find the time to print out policy documents to make comparisons. I am a tad excited though; it makes me feel more grown-up, which is kind of weird since i am going to turn 25 soon. Haha. I am determined to get health cover that includes dental care. I am sick of not being able to have regular dental examinations. Which reminds me – i should probably call my dentist back in the Homeland to fix an appointment. His waiting list stretches months on end. What the hell.


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